Exclusive designs

All figures are designed in-house,
given a personal name and protected by copyright.

  • How we workFigures are own designs and authentic work. The development of a new figure begins minimum 1,5 year before introduction on the market. We start from sketches and designs.
    The sketches are adjusted until we have the perfect figure.
  • Our developmentAfter general approval of the sketches, a first model is made out of plaster. If necessary, changes can still be done. From this first plaster model an initial handmade mould is made in orde to create a chocolate hand-made sample.
  • The perfect figureAgain, from the new plaster model another new initial mould and chocolate sample can be made. A figure has to look sweet, express happiness, have a personality and the right charisma. In short is has to MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY! Only when all the details and colour combinations are fine, it receives the Belfine quality seal.
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Top Innovation Award

The Belfine Finger Pup’pets won the 2nd prize
at the Top Innovation Award at ISM (International Confectionery Fair in Cologne) 2014.

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Wide assortment for every season
For every special occasion or season you find the perfect chocolate figure or lollipop at Belfine. Every season new items join the Belfine assortment.
The perfect gift

What can be a better gift than a Belfine chocolate? That's why we can offer you a wide range of high quality and original gift packaging possibilities.

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At Belfine we look ahead in time, and invest a lot in:
  • New moulds (design and quality) every season
  • New types of packaging material
  • Technology, in order to offer continuity and quality
  • People with regular training programs
Worldwide partnerships
We consider our clients as true partners. Firm partners with whom we want to build a long term relationship based on pure enthusiasm. Our mission is to focus on flexibility and reliability with enough space for being creative and innovative.
Family owned business
Luk Patyn founded the company in 1995 and today it's still a family owned business. Belfine is a young, dynamic growing company with a familial working atmosphere. Key values are: good feeling, togetherness, pride, respect and equivalence.
Premium Belgian Chocolate
Only premium Belgian chocolate made with 100% cocoa butter, natural vanilla and the finest cocoa beans is used to create our delicacies. The traditional Belgian manufacturing process determines the fine flavour of our chocolate, a sheer delight for chocolate lovers.
Unique chocolate recipe

For all our figures and lollipops we use a unique chocolate recipe based on a strict selection of Madagascar cocoa beans.

This bean gives a light red, warm colour to our chocolate, which determines the individual character of our products, and enriches our chocolate with a unique and strong flavour.
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Social responsibility

To make quality chocolate, we need quality cocoa. Our chocolate supplier is working directly with cocoa farmers and farmer cooperatives, to enable them to improve the quality of their farms.

As a result they can produce more and better quality cocoa in a sustainable and responsible way, thereby increasing their incomes and improving their livelihoods.This social responsibility program is based on three main pillars:
  • Quality farms: trainings are offered to the farmers to enable them to grow healthy, productive and robust cocoa crops.
  • Quality cocoa: all cocoa bought from participating cooperatives has to meet strict quality requirements. What's more, a premium is paid for cocoa that meets specific quality grades.
  • Quality life: by producing higher quantities of better quality cocoa, farmers can increase their incomes and ultimately improve their quality of life.

A win–win proposition
With the top quality cocoa the farmers produce, we can make the most delicious chocolate for consumers to indulge in. So everybody wins: we get better quality cocoa, the farmers get a chance of a better life and consumers are sure of unforgettable chocolate moments. This fits perfectly in our mission to MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY! As from Easter 2013 all Befline lollipops are made with sustainable grown cocoa beans.

And Belfine goes even one step further

Next to the premium paid for the sustainable grown cocoa beans. Belfine has committed to support a school project in Cameroon and renovate the classrooms to make 'going to school' more fun for the children, whose parents are depending on a - thanks to your purchase - sustainable grown cocoa business.

Herewith the result: Pupils and teachers from the Government Primary School of Dikome-Bafaw, standing in front of their new classroom block built by our chocolate supplier with the financial support of Belfine and other sponsors in Konyé, Cameroon.
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Eye for detail
Only figures that look sweet, express happiness and have lots of charisma deserve it to come to life in our production. Every figure has to show the passion, happiness and love with which it is made. Thanks to the high tech decoration all our decorations are very precise and reliable.
The Belfine skyline
Did you know that the Belfine skyline features some of Belgium's most famous architectural masterpieces? Can you spot the Atomium (Brussels), City Hall (Leuven) or The Belfort (Bruges)?
High quality standards

The harmony between modern technology and experienced craftmanship guarantees a permanent level of high quality throughout the manufacturing process while meeting HACCP and BRC-standards. The BRC certificate version 6 grade A (the highest degree possible) is already obtained for several years. It's an absolute guarantee to bring food safe, high quality and well-thought products on the market.

Examples of BRC standards:
  • Reception: controlling the taste, flavour and viscosity of the chocolate; lab report for bacteriological dangers; sealed tanks; cleaning report; cleaning the trucks before transport; etc.
  • Flavour test: each day at every shift change, a flavour test of the chocolate is done. A sample for control on storage life is kept (to 24 months after production).
  • Straining: steady flow of chocolate through filters to avoid the interception of external objects in the liquid chocolate stream; at the start of each new production shift these filters are screened.
  • Metal detection: each product passes through a metal detector. A check-up of the system is done every 8 hours.
  • Control weight: every 30 min. screening of the weight of the products leaving the transport band.
  • Cleaning registration: daily cleaning following a permanent/strict schedule. This information is registered.

BRC CertificateDownload
our latest BRC Certificate here.

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